Solving For Housing and Shelter

Housing and shelter is one of the largest line items on your budget. Many will level judgement on alternative choices to create a financial future that is inline with your values.

Moving to a modest home in a low cost of living area, near to where you work, may not be possible but its one of the ideal solutions.

Are you locked in to a mortgage with a large penalty? Are you accustomed to extra space and amenities offered by your current property.

Can you at least convert unused space to generate income, in the form of a home office or shared living space.

While owning a home isn’t a Must Have and many finance bloggers overemphasize the benefits while minimizing the long term costs, it does provide something a lot of people feel great pride in.

Paying rent, property tax, and utilities with Bitcoin is possible but it is subject to taxation as a disposition of the bitcoin for fiat is involved. Alternatively, you can take a loan against the Bitcoin or Cryprocurrency as collateral. While this will increase your leverage in digital currency, if you are still earning Fiat to cover the payments or to eventually pay back the loan, this is a viable strategy.