Hi everyone,

My question is whether I should focus on paying off my debt or investing.

I have been employed full time since graduating June 2019. I’ve been lucky enough to find a sales job making more money than most people my age, I’ll gross about 190k, this year in a LCOL area.

In this time I bought a 28k car on a loan (2.75% for 5 years), bought a house with 145k mortgage (15 year 2.875%) and I have about 13k in student loan debts left.

As far as savings I have a 10k emergency fund, my Roth IRA and 401k are both maxed for the year and have put around 35k in a brokerage account where I have been buying ETFs and blue chip stocks. I hit 100k NW last month after graduating college worth about negative 35k.

What should be my plan be to achieve financial independence? Should I sell my stocks and pay off my debt, get aggressive on the mortgage and Dave Ramsey the fuck out of this or should I rationalize that Dave’s target audience is broke people that know nothing about money or the markets and just keep pumping my investments?

I’m welcome to any and all thoughts.

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