March 2022 Bitcoin Savings Rate Roundup

Rates are steady between February and March across most of the Bitcoin Saving and Lending platforms. While BlockFi incurred a 100 Million dollar penalty from the SEC, this created regulatory clarity for operating Bitcoin Savings accounts in America, an overwhelmingly positive step. While seeks registration, they will close their platform to US Citizens.

As Russia invades Ukraine, renewed focus and attention are being paid to the global financial system, sanctions, and the SWIFT network. With Russia’s ouster from using SWIFT, and with Ukraine opening up an official Bitcoin address to send donations, Cryptocurrency is back in the hot seat.

Bitcoin savings accounts rely on the demand for lending and borrowing of crypto assets to provide yield for those with savings.

Best Interest Rates for March, 2022

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Bitcoin Savings AccountTierRateTier 2RateTier 3Rate
Ledn0-0.5 BTC6.25%>0.5 BTC2.25%
BlockFi0-0.1 BTC4.5%0.1-0.35 BTC1.0%>0.35 BTC0.1%
Celsius* 0-0.25 BTC6.2%>0.25 BTC3.05%
  • *Celsius rates change weekly and are compounded weekly. They were accurate at time of publishing.
  • **Nexo rates are compounded daily or can be locked in 30 day term deposits for higher yields. Tiers are measured based on USD value not number of Bitcoins. Holding Nexo tokens can earn a higher yield.
  • *** rates are compounded weekly or can be locked in 30 or 90 day term deposits for higher yields. Staking Coin tokens can earn a higher yield.

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