Dealing with chronic anxiety in FIRE

I haven’t reached RE yet, however as someone who’s had the chance to take a break in my career, I realized that a lot of my anxiety was in me, not necessarily in my work. I used to think work was what woke me up at night, but realized that my mind is naturally anxious and then anything really took work’s place in my mind – sometimes much more concerning stuff. As such, the motivation to drop work to feel more at peace isn’t something I’ll achieve in RE. Maybe the problem is just me here, not my career nor my clients. And in a way, that anxiety is easier because it’s not really existential. So I’m getting to a stage where I’m thinking doing some work on the side to coast my way through (even beyond FIRE) might be a better option – keep my mind busy, find reasons to look at other problems than my own, etc.

I was wondering if others here were struggling with this and/or found ways to deal with it?

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