The Public Bitcoin Course

  • Duration 7h 30m
  • Last Update April 23, 2021


This course will introduce you to Bitcoin and challenge you to think about your preconceived notions about what money is.

This course is designed to be consumed over the period of one week with your husband, wife, or partner. While some information may be repeated in the documentaries, in this context, that is deliberate to reinforce and build on the learning over the week.


This course is not financial, legal, tax, or investment advice.


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What Will I Learn?

  • History of Money and the traditional Banking System.
  • Learn about the open banking framework of the Bitcoin monetary network.
  • Educational but Entertaining Documentary Format.
  • Foundational Knowledge to Understand Bitcoin.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons7h 30m

The Hidden Secrets of Money?

Foundational series on history of money.
Money vs Currency00:25:55
Seven Stages of Empire00:30:17
This Timeline Shows the Death of the US Dollar as World Reserve00:36:01
The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind00:29:34
Where Does Money Come From?00:29:58
The Rollercoaster Crash00:29:58


The Internet of Money

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About the instructor

Tim Felsky


Graduate of the Master of Science Digital Currency at UNIC in 2019 Former Adjunct Professor Lambton College, School of Business and International Studies, Teaching Digital Tools B.A. 2004, Political Sciences, Western University
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9 Courses

10 students


Material Includes

  • Access a curated list of Public Bitcoin Sources.
  • Question and Answer forum for enrolled students.


  • Review the videos and formulate questions to enhance your learning.
  • Ask Questions in the provided student forum.

Target Audience

  • Bitcoin skeptics, laggards, reluctant bitcoiners, nocoiners.