Fiwithbitcoin offers a number of courses to help you with your educational journey with Bitcoin and Financial Independence. These courses are meant to be both accessible to the lay person and have small enough class sizes to ensure your individual learning objectives are met.

Our Instructors are chosen not for their technical prowess, but for having the heart of a teacher.

The Public Bitcoin Course: An Introduction to topics of Money and the idea of Bitcoin in general.

The Free Bitcoin Course: The Fastest way to get some Free Bitcoin that is totally legitimate.

The Quick Bitcoin Course: A quick primer that you can consume on your own in just a few minutes but have the opportunity to interact with other students and the teacher.

The Paid Bitcoin Course: Taking you from 0-60 on Bitcoin in five 1 hour sessions over a week to take your initial interest in Bitcoin to a level you are comfortable buying and holding your own Bitcoin.

The Public Paid Bitcoin Course: More advanced topics of technological innovation around money complete with access to discuss with other students and the teachers.

Bitcoin in the Classroom: A Class designed for the Ontario Elementary Curriculum but applicable to worldwide K-12 Education. Covers topics of Financial Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and social studies.

Bitcoin at College: An Entry-level course about Bitcoin, Technology, and Money appropriate for Business, Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and General Social Sciences programs.

Bitcoin for Business Course: This introductory course covers regulatory requirements for Small and Medium Business to Accept Bitcoin and hold Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset, or to carry Bitcoin on the Balance sheet.

There are a number of other resources for the more academically minded. These courses are designed to provide foundational learning to enter into an academic setting with Bitcoin.

Blockchain at Berkeley, especially the Spring 2021 Fundamentals DeCal

University of Nicosia especially the Free MOOC DFIN 511 Introduction to Digital Currencies.

MIT Opencourseware, especially MIT Blockchain and Money MIT 15.S12, Gary Gensler