Coast bucket strategy with a family of four

My wife (32f) and I (36m) currently have around 450k in retirement accounts. I’m considering the idea of ceasing contributions to those accounts (403bs for each and Roth IRAs) and putting all our extra money into other investments. The 450k is reallocated each year following the bogleheads 3 fund strategy, but a bit heavier on VTSAX.

We also own a 4plex (180k at purchase) which about breaks even and a townhouse (250k) at purchase. Rents are 3,000 and 1850 per month, respectively.

If we don’t contribute anymore to the retirement accounts I figure that when I’m 62, we’ll have just over 2MM in retirement fund assuming 6% annual growth. And I think that’s enough.

I want to pay off my primary mortgage, rentals, and invest in other things I have yet to discover. And some in probably a taxable account too.

Is anyone else doing this? Am I foolish to stop contributing with only 450k?

(Combined income for wife and I = ~225k/year And I do consulting on the side, this year looking at 25k after tax. I don’t count this in projections, it mostly used to offset childcare.)

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