Canadian Bitcoin Savings Firm Ledn Enables Trading Between Bitcoin and USDC

ledn trade

A hugely important move for borrowers of US Dollar Stablecoin against their Bitcoin Savings, Ledn will now allow trading between BTC and USDC. While this won’t likely be the advanced trader’s exchange of choice, it will allow for a more seamless rebalancing of risk in your portfolio of assets that are earning great interest rates. This otherwise vanilla announcement represents the first trading pair on the Ledn platform, newly minted as Ledn Trade.

Full release here:

Instantly Trade Between BTC and USDC

We’re pleased to launch Ledn Trade! Fast, simple trading that allows you to instantly swap between bitcoin and USDC.

No Trading Fees

Ledn charges no additional fees other than the price quoted. Our no-slippage trading product provides you with a quote that you can accept.

Manage your risk

Adjust your savings balances from bitcoin to USDC as you see fit, helping you take advantage of market opportunities.

Always Earning

All of the assets you purchase start earning market leading interest in their savings accounts on the day your trade is placed.

Ledn Trade is now available in your BTC or USDC Savings accounts on your Ledn dashboard.

If you’re looking to borrow against your Bitcoin, support our efforts by using this referal link and get $25 USDC when you open your first loan at LEDN: