The level and scope of the impact of the development of Bitcoin on the broader economy cannot be understated. When we think about public infrastructure projects like the highway system in America built by eisenhower, or the Panama canal, or the belt and road project in china, or the Three Gorges Dam, we can start to get an understanding for the level of impact that massive public investment can have on the the people that are served by these infrastructure projects.

Many of them cost in the billions but have economic spinoffs that last for 100 years.

Well Bitcoin provides two massive improvements both in terms of a payment Network and an incorruptible hard money asset to use as a value measuring stick, the impact of which will be as large as a standard unit of the kilogram on international trade to weights and measures.

Money is half of every transaction or value Exchange and exchanging value in the quickest and most liquid Network will be the de facto choice of our generation.