Bitcoin is rhetoric. Rhetoric is a series of arguments. Rhetoric is composed of ethos, logos, pathos or, in English, the Speaker, the Logic, and the Emotions. These are the arguments that make Bitcoin Bitcoin. To be persuasive, one must execute their arguments from a position of trustworthiness or credibility, using reason and logic, and in a way that appeals to the values or emotional needs of the audience. 

A compelling argument in Bitcoin comes in the form of a signed transaction. The Logos or logic comes from how the transaction is formed. To establish Ethos or credibility in Bitcoin, one must possess the private key and sign the transaction with it. The Pathos or story comes from the UTXO or unspent transaction output, the unbroken chain of blocks from the genesis block, to the coinbase transaction including the provenance with the consensus and participation from the entire network.

EthosPrivate Key