Bitcoin is a government scheme to deliver money to the hands of smart people.

While North Americans may view the word “scheme” with a negative connotation, in the UK and other English-speaking countries, scheme can just be the name for a government plan or program.

Some associate the word government with elected officials and politicians. However, governance is an important part of most complex systems involving people. Government is present in all systems as a set of rules with both hard and soft power. This government manages the system.

We live in an increasingly financialized world with access to money at the highest point it’s ever been, yet for many, it’s still difficult to access modern banking systems that are free of corruption.

With growing government balance sheets, renewed optimism for Modern Monetary Theory, and sufficient disruption of the economy leading to the potential for Universal Basic Income, it’s important to remember that there exists an existing system that can deliver money to anyone who’s ready for it. 

In this sense, Bitcoin is a management plan of money. It delivers money as the internet delivers information into the hands where most people use a cellular phone mobile wallet, and to smart people in that, it takes both knowledge, experience, wisdom, and faith to consider using Bitcoin.

The governance structure of Bitcoin is defined in the protocol. The consensus rules are laid out so that anyone can learn and understand the limits on user behavior.

Bitcoin itself lives within an existing structure of technical and physical limitations, such as the availability of hardware, internet access, and bandwidth. Bitcoin is also contained within our society, a mosaic patchwork of existing legal systems, dominated by western principles of property rights, sovereignty, and the rule of law.

With the number of educational resources about Bitcoin growing daily, it’s a surprise there aren’t more smart people out there.

Bitcoin takes advantage of these market forces and factors. The system offers exceptionally quick sending and receiving of funds directly to anyone with a smartphone. All you need is the time and energy to study the interdependencies of the above factors.