Bitcoin. Free Lunch.

They say there are no free lunches. Maybe what we’re looking for is an unfairly cheap lunch with Bitcoin? 

When Newsweek revealed that they thought Dorian Nakamoto was the founder of bitcoin, he denied it immediately. When reporters showed up at his door, he went out for lunch with the first journalist who offered to pay for his lunch. He told his story that, quite simply, he was NOT Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. He happened to have the same middle name, so the investigation was not much deeper than a web search.

I’ve been able to offer friends and connections a free lunch in Bitcoin. Getting a coffee and splitting the bill or giving up a tip for services in Bitcoin. Speaking to these folks in 2021, they said their McValue menu tip turned into a family meal at a tasty takeaway joint.

Bitcoin is a free lunch for you, too, because early adopters’ contributions to the network have subsidized the development of Bitcoin in any number of ways.

Even simply holding the asset has allowed you to earn a significantly greater than average rate of return over the last 12 years. In Solving for Food, we break down the opportunity to feed yourself in Canada for under $5 a day and $25 a week if pursued more aggressively.

This foodgality also presents a great excuse to learn to cook, manage a kitchen, knife skills, food prep, and other helpful stuff. You’ll also conserve on transportation costs and might even eat healthier too! This is an important lesson on keeping more money in your pocket and providing a quick route to Financial Independence. 

Finally, the opportunity to pick up $55 in free Bitcoin while learning a little bit about the future of Money and Banking, you can just literally buy 2 weeks of meals for someone else if you don’t need the money.

Adding your liquidity, advocacy, and access strengthens and accelerates the adoption of one of the greatest equalizers society has ever established.

Take your seat at the table.