Access to Bitcoin is free for all and there are a number of places where you can even get some for free. From Faucets in the early days of Bitcoin to rewards and signup bonuses today, getting as much Bitcoin as you can is a Free-For-All.

Gaining access to the Bitcoin network is dictated largely by your access to the internet. Even though some projects like Mesh networks, Satellite, and radio broadcast are working to provide redundancy to Bitcoin, the mainstream solution of Internet access is clearly the way to go.

While the 2016 United Nations Declaration that Access to the Internet is a Human Right is of the non-binding variety, we can see that the economic interest of connecting the world’s 8 Billion inhabitants is the largest driving force of broadband deployment.

Poorer nations will leapfrog the need to bury copper cables or glass fiber for the last mile with more advanced wireless solutions that can blanket a large physical area without the need to dig holes in the ground.

While we can’t yet eliminate income inequality, we’ve started by equalizing access to information using the internet. It’s said today that you can learn anything on youtube and one of the most important things to learn today is how to use Bitcoin. This knowledge is readily available from great channels and educators.